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LibreOffice dark icons

Every application has a dark mode now or will surely have a dark theme in the near future.

I am running openSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE Plasma and Materia Manjaro Dark theme. It's almost like the Breeze Dark theme of openSUSE/KDE but with slightly more greenish elements. Whether using dark themes in GNOME or KDE I am usually left with a not so pleasing toolbar in LibreOffice.

Until today, I didn't bother much about it. Then, I thought of changing that and to my surprise it was just a few clicks way.

Tools > Options

Set the icon style to "Breeze (dark)" and it's done.

Et voilĂ ! :)

Kopano: Unknown MAPI Error

If you're thrown an Unknown MAPI Error: MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND when logging with a newly created account on Kopano, it is mostly because the user does not have a store. The kopano-server log doesn't help much to identify this neither does the webapp which only throws the MAPI error.

It is most likely to occur when using an external user database such as LDAP. The users database is synced successfully with LDAP, creating the new user but the store is not created and attached to the account.

In the case if the user was not synced the kopano-server log would have a proper message indicating that it failed to authenticate using the LDAP plugin.

Jan 25 18:26:35 kopano-1 kopano-server[28463]: Authentication by plugin failed for user "bajirao.singham": Trying to authenticate failed: Failure connecting any of the LDAP servers; username = bajirao.singham

If the user could not authenticate then the webapp would display a "logon failure" message while asking to verify credentials. It would not display the MAPI error.

Checking the user details with kopano-admin does however hint at the missing store.

$ kopano-admin --details bajirao.singham
User object id:         00000000AC21A95040D3EE48B319FBA75330442501006001
WARNING: Unable to get user store entry id. User possibly has no store.

User store id:          
Username:               bajirao.singham
Fullname:               Bajirao Singham
Active:                 yes
Administrator:          no
Address book:           Visible
Auto-accept meeting req:no
Mapped properties:
        0x8C6D0102                      48 bytes
        PR_GIVEN_NAME                   Bajirao
        PR_BUSINESS_TELEPHONE_NUMBER    +2301234567
        0x3A0C001E                      en_US
        PR_SURNAME                      Singham
        PR_TITLE                        Police Officer
        PR_MOBILE_TELEPHONE_NUMBER      +23051234567
        PR_LOCALITY                     Shivgarh
        PR_POSTAL_CODE                  457001
        PR_EC_ENABLED_FEATURES          mobile; outlook; webapp
        PR_EC_DISABLED_FEATURES         imap; pop3
Unable to show object quota information: missing or invalid argument (0x80070057)
Groups (1):
        Police Force

Create a store using the kopano-admin tool.

$ kopano-admin --create-store bajirao.singham

The store will be created and hooked to the bajirao.singham user account in the above example. Login with the account should then be successful.

AFRINIC WHOIS database tampered?

In a recent official communiqué, AFRINIC, the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Africa, wished its members and the community a happy new year while giving updates about some changes in the different committees.

In the same email, AFRINIC CEO, Eddy Kayihura, informed the community that following allegations of fraudulent manipulation of the AFRINIC WHOIS database, the matter has been referred to the Central Criminal Investigation Division (CCID) of the Mauritius Police Force for further investigation. Also, due to the serious nature of the allegation, an employee of AFRINIC, whose name has been cited in the allegation, has been immediately dismissed on grounds of very serious professional misconduct.

AFRINIC is working to "restore" the WHOIS database accuracy, as per the email.