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How Yahoo Deleted My Email Account And There Was Literally Nothing I Could Do

Yahoo deleted my account without authorization or at least prior notice, without me violating any terms and conditions and I literally had to pay them to maybe get it back.

It's been over a month now that I've decided to create a musician artist's profile of mine on various platforms (Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and to make it more professional, I needed to get an official email address. The first email service provided that came into my mind was Yahoo mail. I haven't been using this email service since my first email account ever in 2008 and the Yahoo Data Breach Scandal in 2016. I decided to give Yahoo Mail a chance and show my support with the intention of opting for Yahoo Pro Mail at a certain point in time when I received a lot to traction for my music profile.

In the life of a struggling Music Producer there are only 2 things you do in the early phase of your career:

1. You spend a lot of time, soul and hard work crafting every bits of sounds into melodies, symphonies and beats until it starts to feel promising in laying the first stone in your career.

2. You might have made a masterpiece but of what value if it is left to rot away in your garage, then come sending email. Sending emails forms a huge part, even more so than social media management, it is how you get in touch with Record labels, Mentors, DJs in order to promote your song.

To be honest sending promo emails is the least enjoyable thing there is to do as an artist, because the little time you get to create music you do not want to spend on sending emails. And we know that some replies can break our heart if we get denied/heavily criticized if not responded at all.

Unable to Login

I recently spent 4 weeks producing a track whenever I found some time and after some procrastination I decided to get down to business and start sending promotional emails. That was yesterday, the 22nd of April at around 4AM (GMT). Just when I started to feel productive, all of a sudden I was re-initiated to the login screen.

Sudden lockout
Oops we can't find your email - yahoo

I received a “Sorry, We don’t recognize this email” message. I wasn’t immediately alerted at first and decided to try again later forgoing the need to contact customer support as I knew we are in full COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and Yahoo’s customer service would surely be understaffed. Thought to myself again, that this may be a temporary server issue.

Realizing that my account was in fact deleted

I return to perform my daily duties, but this unrecognizable email was bugging me constantly. I later decided to send myself an email in the evening.

To my surprise, my account was in fact deleted. I was shocked and frustrated at the same time of how could an email service provider like Yahoo’s simply delete the email of its subscribers without any authorization or at least some former notice (so that I could have backed up the work I’ve done).

Seeking Help In Vain


The first thing I did was to find a discreet channel for contact in order to resolve this issue, so I head up to

I tried to recover my account as that seems to be the only logical option among the very limited ones. That didn’t work it says neither my phone number nor my backup email address was linked to any account further confirming that this was an illegal termination.

Main help page
The only FREE help option

I clicked on live agent support, and I was immediately hit by a pro paying support. I didn’t think it was fair for me to pay for recovering my email which wasn’t even my fault at it being terminated.

Pay for support

2. Twitter calling out

So I took the twitter route.

Sorry for the language but I was very frustrated at that moment and was nearly having a mental breakdown as I suffer from depression and anxiety issues.

I called out yahoo and yahoo mail on the post.

Ah finally a sign of hope, I was amazed at how quickly @YahooCare responded to me but it later turned out to be a mirage

They just told me to BUG OFF to, which I previously did.

I decided to check the terms and conditions of yahoo mail.

I also when to have a chat with the yahoo help chat assistant (even though it was a robot I was more useful than the yahoos at yahoo.)

Two things I’ve realized. One, Yahoo was managed by Verizon media and two, they can at any time delete your account without notifying you and they shall not be liable to it. Well, I did read the terms and conditions on signup but considered it to be in case if you did something illegal using your account.

@Yahoo what is so illegal about a musician dealing with anxiety issues and struggling to make a name in the music industry?

I made a mistake Yahoo, I subscribed to your mail service :(

I now have created a google mail account and switched all my social media account to Gmail. It won’t be the end of the story though as I will have to trace back the network I’ve been created during the last 40 days and maybe some record labels would have wanted to sign the promo I’ve sent them, I’ll never know because my account got deleted. 🙃


Lawyers booked for breach of curfew while accompanying their client to the police headquarters

Mauritius is under a sanitary curfew since about a month now. People are advised to stay at home and not to venture outside unless they have a Work Access Permit and are going to their workplace or going out to get essential items (e.g food provision, medicines, etc).

Police officers are on regular patrols across the island and they have also set up road blocks in certain places to ensure that the curfew is being respected.

In the early press conferences of the National Communication Committee on COVID-19, a representative of the Mauritius Police Force informed people that officers will ascertain the urgency of traveling on a case-by-case basis and an officer will be allowed to book a person for breach of curfew if the latter provides an unjustified reason for traveling.

Recent press reports show that at least three lawyers have been booked for breach of curfew because they did not carry (with them) a « memo » which has been given to lawyers requiring to travel to assist their clients. The lawyers had accompanied their client to the Central Criminal Investigation Division, Police Headquarters, Line Barracks, Port-Louis.

The common factor among these three lawyers is that they are representing clients who said something that « annoyed » somebody with close ties with the government.

Are people abusing the ICT Act of Mauritius?

People who are easily annoyed, distressed or may feel an « inconvenience » should not read this post. I will not be liable for any inconvenience caused to the reader.

Information and Communication Technologies Act 2001

Section 46(h)

Any person who —
uses, in any manner other than that specified in paragraph (ga), an information and communication service, including telecommunication service, —

(i) for the transmission or reception of a message which is grossly offensive, or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character; or

(ii) which is likely to cause or causes annoyance, humiliation, inconvenience, distress or anxiety to that person;

(iii) for the transmission of a message which is of a nature likely to endanger or compromise State defence, public safety or public order.

The ICT Act of Mauritius was amended in 2018 and it made a specific section of the legislation more ambiguous than before. Section 46 of the Act describes the offences under that legislation. The amendment introduced words such as humiliation, distress and anxiety to the list of "inconveniences" in part (ii).

The Electronic Frontier Foundation says that the amendments of the ICT Act are in line with the laws of countries such as Egypt, the UAE and Jordan — none of which are democracies.

On 15 April, while the whole country was under curfew, a team of policemen proceeded to arrest a young woman for breach of the ICT Act, after receiving a complaint by a government nominated board member of the ICT Authority.

The Centre for Law and Democracy expressed their concern regarding such an arrest for political satire.

The young woman spent a night in police custody for having posted an image showing a news broadcaster with a captioned photo of the Mauritian Prime Minister and text that joked about world leaders who are going to hold a press conference to ask the Mauritian Prime Minister about his miracle treatment & method for COVID-19.

As it appears the meme or joke caused such annoyance and inconvenience to the ICT Authority's board member that he decided to spend 2 hours at the CCID Cybercrime Unit to complain about it. L'express newspaper reported that the board member expressed on Facebook that he did so for his boss, his PM, and his country.

Now, one may wonder whether this board member of the ICT Authority really has acted out of love for his prime minister or is it a show of loyalty; often the case with persons holding a nominated position in government offices. Whichever reason the complainant may have, this particular incident points towards an abuse of the ICT Act, through the manner of the arrest and act of intimidation of behalf of people of authority.

Did you complain to the Consumer Protection Unit?

I watched the press conference of the National Communication Committee on COVID-19 last evening. A journalist asked Dr. Joomye a question pertaining to supermarkets that have doubled prices on certain products.

Dr. Joomye answered that only 38 complaints were received and that many people are complaining on social media rather doing it through the right channel. Despite this 180 commercial outlets were visited by the inspectors of the Ministry of Commerce on 7 April and several of them were booked for various contraventions.

I also see a lot of people complaining on social media. Officers of the Consumer Protection Unit do not spend their time reading comments on Facebook. If we want to fix unreasonable high prices in supermarkets then we should all use the proper channels to complain.

A few days ago I saw a post shared by a friend on Facebook. See the receipt from a supermarket in Mahebourg.

Source: Facebook (

As per the client, he purchased a packet of cigarettes which is Rs 150 usually but the supermarket charged him Rs 175 during this coronavirus confinement period. It is only afterward that he realized that the supermarket charged him the additional Rs 25 as miscellaneous. If this avers true then the person should have complained about it to the Consumer Protection Unit rather than posting on Facebook to draw likes & comments.

I cannot verify the authenticity of the supermarket receipt and whether the person having posted it is sharing the complete story, but I am only using it as an example.

How to report?

If you notice that shopkeepers and supermarket owners are abusing on the prices, please inform the Consumer Protection Unit through their hotline 185 or email

Data protection poorly understood in Mauritius 🥺

Mauritius counted 186 positive COVID-19 cases including 7 deaths as at 3 April.

With the rise of cases I notice a lot of people calling the authorities to release personal information of patients having tested positive for the novel coronavirus. People think the release of such personal information will make contact tracing a much quicker exercise.

I've had arguments with people on Facebook. I even reported people to the Cybercrime Unit for breaching the Data Protection Act by sharing the personal information of COVID-19 patients.

People argue that contact tracing will be faster if personal information of patients is released. Many are citing the example of how South Korea released information to accelerate contact tracing. Unfortunately, people do not read or enquire properly.

South Korea has an experience dealing from previous epidemics, such as the MERS outbreak in 2015. Their medical personnel and relevant authorities were able to quickly step up with containment plans.

South Korean authorities did not release personal information of patients. It is wrong to assume that.

Legislation enacted since then gave the government authority to collect mobile phone, credit card, and other data from those who test positive to reconstruct their recent whereabouts. That information, stripped of personal identifiers, is shared on social media apps that allow others to determine whether they may have crossed paths with an infected person.
Source: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Information shared by the South Korean authorities were anonymized.

Chaos reigns as supermarkets re-open in Mauritius today

Despite the strict guidelines laid out by the authorities and all the sanitary precautions advised by medical officers through various channels, Social Distancing remains an alien term to many.

Supermarkets and shops started operating as from 09h00 today, as it was announced by the Prime Minister a few days ago.

Alas! It's chaos... at most of the major hypermarkets of the island. A long queue of people can be seen at Super U, Grand Baie. A similar trend is observed at other supermarkets, as posted by l'express.

Images source: l'express page on Facebook

Last night a 20 years old girl died at the New Souillac Hospital. She was admitted about a week ago after testing positive to COVID-19. She is the sixth and youngest fatal victim of COVID-19 in Mauritius. As per Dr. V. Gujadhur of the National Communication Committee, she might have gotten infected while frequently visiting a supermarket in her locality.

It appears that this story does not overwhelm people enough to prevent them from storming the supermarkets early on.

The supermarkets and shops will operate till 17h00 today. If you go there and find a long queue please don't be like the rest, just return home and check again later. Every family can make provisions twice per week as per the alphabetical order published by the National Communication Committee.

Also, you do not necessarily need to head to the hypermarkets as you will probably find the essential items in a nearby shop which might be less crowded.

Stay safe !

क्या openSUSE Asia Summit 2020 अब भी भारत में होगा ?

इस प्रश्न का उत्तर जानने के लिए हमें जुलाई के महीने तक इंतजार करना होगा।

१७ मार्च को openSUSE Board की बैठक हुई। यह निर्णय लिया गया कि इस समय हम केवल COVID-19 की स्थिति देख सकते हैं और जुलाई तक इंतजार कर सकते हैं जब बोर्ड द्वारा openSUSE.Asia Summit और oSLO 2020 को लेकर कुछ निर्णय लिया जाएगा।

तब तक सुरक्षित रहें और यदि आप का देश लॉकडाउन में हैं तो कृपया घर पर रहें।