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How to administer Slackware 14.2?

The last presentation of Day 1 at the Developers Conference that I attended was that of Slackware 14.2 by Pritvi Jheengut.

Pritvi is a member of the Linux User Group of Mauritius and a usual suspect at such tech events. He is perhaps the most popular Slackware user on the island. He made a fierce reputation for that. Some know him for his weird methods of doing things but he remains just a geek with passion for a couple of things that he adores; Slackware being one of them.

Developers Conference 2017 - Slackware 14.2

I missed the beginning of his presentation. In fact, when I entered the room he was in the middle of some important explanation about installing packages using the installpkg command. The screen was black and the text green. Pritvi had worn a Darth Vader t-shirt and I heard rumours that he even started the presentation with the Darth Vader theme. That would be totally legit.

Pritvi made us visit the Slackware internals, a lot about the arrangement of system files and the way packages are kept simple.

The earlier thing that I missed was actually a question about Slackware packages which Pritvi asked the attendees; whether they found it weird to install something that's no more than just a tarball. It generated a discussion about package management, software repositories, the how and why of Slackware and above all its simplicity of software packaging vis-à-vis other Linux distributions.

I craved for some Linux fun which was missing on Day 1 but Pritvi's presentation fulfilled that. It was a cool and interactive session with questions that popped up like mushrooms.

I'm not sure I'll ever ditch openSUSE for Slackware but maybe I have a more decent opinion on Slackware administration now.

Developers Conference 2017 – Linuxfest

Hey folks! We're back. It's time to meet up and have geek fun at the Developers Conference 2017. At its third edition, I am sure that, this great event of the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community will not disappoint you. Of course, there must be something in menu that will suit your appetite.

Shelly and I have planned our DevCon weekend carefully. We'll be there all three days.

I have a session on NGINX Microservices scheduled at 10h30 on Saturday at the Educator 2. The rest of the time that day you would find me hopping between Voilà Hotel and Flying Dodo helping folks from the Linux User Group of Mauritius with the full-day activities.

LUGM - Developers Conference 2017

Members of the Linux User Group will run a Linuxfest and help keen enthusiasts with Linux installs & troubleshoots in the conference room of Flying Dodo. You're all invited to come share your knowledge. We will be running demos on a projector and if you have some cool stuff about Linux which you'd like to share then get in touch, it'll be great to have more fellows around advocating Free Software/Open Source. Ping LUGM members Nirvan, Nadim on Twitter or get in touch with Ajay or Ronny on Facebook.

Care to tweet? Use the hashtag #DevConMru.