Monthly Archives: May 2021

LUGM submission on the ICTA consultation paper

“The Linux User Group of Mauritius takes note of MITM measures on ICTA’s request for public consultation for regulating the use and misuse of social media in Mauritius.

From a technical perspective, the MITM proxy toolset involving a Certificate Authority not in the default trust store of major web browsers and operating systems will undermine the security model of Transport Layer Security and weaken the security of users on the Internet.

The proposed solution also poses issues such as not being compatible with the enhanced security mechanisms of some smartphones, and internet enabled-devices such as gaming consoles, smart televisions etc. For these technical reasons, the LUGM considers the MITM model in the consultation paper as bringing more negative results than perceived positive results”

ICTA Public consultation for TLS MITM in Mauritius

The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) is asking for public consultations on a framework to regulate use of social networks in Mauritius. One of the ideas is requiring Internet users using social networks to install as an ICTA-issued Certificate Authority certificate in their operating system or browser so that certificates can be issued for domains such as This is required to allow a Man in the Middle (MITM) proxy server intercept, decrypt, inspect, log, and/or block access to URLs. The public consultation paper is accessible on:
The public has up to May 20th 2021 to send their comments about the consultation paper to the email address contained in the PDF document linked above.