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Candidate slate for the openSUSE Board Election 2020

Candidate slate for the openSUSE Board Election 2020

Last night the nominations and applications phase of the election reached an end. We received six applications and the names of the candidates are:

• Axel Braun
• Gertjan Lettink
• Mark Stopka
• Maurizio Galli
• Nathan Wolf
• Neal Gompa

Note that this election is to fill three vacant seats on the openSUSE Board.

All candidates are encouraged to set up their election platform on the openSUSE wiki. The campaign begins now!

Developers Conference 2021 – Call for Speakers announced

Developers Conference 2021 - Call for Speakers announced

The Call for Speakers for the Developers Conference 2021 has been announced. Yes, DevCon 2021 is knocking at the doors already. Preparations have begun and if you would like to be a speaker at the most awaited tech conference in Mauritius, then head to and submit your proposal.

Save the dates

DevCon 2021 is scheduled for the 18, 19 & 20 March 2021 (if all is well in the country).

We are keeping fingers crossed that the pandemic does not worsen globally, that our friends from outside Mauritius are able to come attend, present and participate in good health, and that the COVID-19 situation on the island remains under control, so that there aren't any restriction on public gathering. All that said, we know we should continue the usual hygiene practices and apply proper social distancing measures if we are in a group of strangers.

Tips for submitting presentation proposals

  • Provide a clear and concise presentation title
  • Provide a proper description to give the attendees an idea on what they could learn or may gain from your presentation
  • Specify the difficulty level
  • If you intend to do demos and would like the audience to participate using their devices (e.g laptops/mobile phones) please specify the same in your description
  • Leave notes for the organisers if you require any specific material
  • Put a proper profile picture so that people may recognize you
  • Don't use fancy nicknames
  • A short bio about your work and other activities would be very helpful

You can submit several presentation proposals but please be reasonable, don't spam! 😉

openSUSE Board Election 2020 announced

openSUSE Board Election 2020 announced

It's election time (again)!

Yes, but this time, it is the regular board election that is happening. The previous elections that were conducted during the past year were due to ad-hoc and unforeseen circumstances. However, as per the regular election cycle, we have three seats that are going to be vacant on the openSUSE Board in December. They are the seats of Axel Braun, Marina Latini and Stasiek Michalski. Note that Stasiek was elected this year to replace Christian Boltz whose term ends in 2020. However, Stasiek is opting out from this election due to personal commitments.

My friend from the Election Committee, Ariez Vachha, made the election announcement on the project mailing list yesterday. The election wiki page has been updated accordingly, which includes the usual election schedule poster. That's courtesy of our friends from the openSUSE Indonesia community.

openSUSE Board Election 2020 announced

At the time of writing this blog post, that is less than 24 hours since the annoucement of the election, we received emails from three members who wish to stand as candidate in this election. It's a very good start.

The call for nominations and applications will continue until Sunday 29th of November. If you would like to nominate a member from the openSUSE community, please send us an email, We will be glad to inform the member about his/her nomination.

DevFest 2020 Mauritius

DevFest 2020 Mauritius

After a long wait on the island, post-confinement, we are going to have a first physical tech conference happening this month. It is the DevFest 2020 scheduled for 21 November at the Uniciti Education Hub at Pierrefonds.

The call for speakers was announced last month and the deadline for submission is today. 😉

Further details about the event will be published soon. Let's anticipate the COVID-19 restrictions such as compulsory face mask and social distancing during the event this year. I am pretty sure this must be a great challenge for the organisers and volunteers. Therefore, all the best to folks at MSCC and GDG Mauritius.

Microsoft Edge preview for Linux

Microsoft Edge preview for Linux

Last November, Microsoft announced that its Edge browser is coming to Linux in the near future. That day has arrived.

On 20 October 2020, Microsoft released Edge preview builds for Linux and with that Microsoft Edge is now available for all major desktop and mobile platforms.

Microsoft Edge preview for Linux
Microsoft Edge on all major platforms

DEB and RPM packages are available on the Microsoft Edge Insider website. These packages are updated weekly.

Hence, to install Microsoft Edge on openSUSE, simply download the .rpm file and use zypper for the installation.

sudo zypper in ~/Downloads/microsoft-edge-dev-88.0.680.1-1.x86_64.rpm

That's it! You should now be able to run Edge on openSUSE. In fact, the above screenshots are from the Edge build version 88.0.680.1 running on openSUSE Tumbleweed.

Microsoft Edge preview for Linux
Microsoft Edge build version 88.0.680.1