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Dual Boot Windows, Linux Or BSD when UEFI is being a pain

Dual Boot Windows, Linux Or BSD when UEFI is being a pain in the @$$

If UEFI is pissing you off by not allowing you to install Linux OR BSD on your laptop, and despite you setting it to legacy (and even win7 refuses to install along because of your hdd is gpt’ed and everything), you are having issues, here’s the quick fix.

(this will get you a dual booting system)

1. Back up all your data.

2. Boot into your bios setup (f2 or f12 or del, depending on your bios), and disable SECURE BOOT, DISABLE UEFI, enable LEGACY. Set First bootable device to be your CD drive DVD drive or optical drive

3. Boot using something like (download the iso and burn it to a CD or dd if=theimage.iso of/dev/yourpendrive ).

3. Wipe out your hard drive, as in really wipe it out. Apply.

4. Make your entire hard drive into 1 single partition, FAT32. Apply.

If you do not want to have a dual booting system skip part 5,6,7.

5. Make a FAT32 partition as Primary label is winblows, for your winblows system and set it as ACTIVE. Make another FAT32 Primary partition and label it as NIX.

6. Apply and boot into your windows 7 or less DVD (windows 8 is bullshit so don’t use that, but yes you can do the same with windows 8 also See how you would do things with windows 8 ).

7. Choose customize install when you get the option, then select the winblows partition when you get list of partition, you can delete it, and create a new NTFS partition on it. Then next next next, should be fine, if there’s any error, you didn’t follow something from 1 to 6. Go re read then complain if you are sure you did everything the way i said.

8. Boot into your favourite linux distro or BSD, in this case i had a Linux mint & and a PC BSD.

9. Follow normal setup procedures, when asked what partition you want to use, use the partition labelled as NIX.

10. You should be done, if there is any error, and you did re read all the steps and did it like said, then please do complain, cry or ask. Someone will probably answer.

If you need more information, google up those terms and read:
GPT partition, windows, FreeBSD.
Microsoft UEFI certificates FSF

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