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Firefox 6.0

Posted by Dominique Derrier

logo firefox

Ben, il fallait tester ... car depuis Mardi une nouvelle version du navigateur de l'internet qui monte qui monte est dans les bacs. Personnellement, je n'ai pas vu de grandes nouveautés avec cette version coté utilisateur, mais quelques astuces pour les développeurs.

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LUGM Meeting 13/08/2011

Posted by Selven

This is to inform you that there shall be a LUGM meeting this week.

Agenda: Discuss about audit reports for the registrar
Time ~ 10.00 am
Venue: Knowledge7, Suite 505-506, Newry Complex, St Jean Road, Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius.. [ if you can't find your way wait around pussy cat and gimme a call (49 24 9 1 8 )]
Date: 13/08/2011
All members of the managing committee must be there (guests are invited to come also), this meeting will be postponed if there is less than 5 confirmations.
//secretary of the lug
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