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This is the current LUGM book library and they were donated to the LUGM by various sponsors, mainly O’Reilly Associates. These books are available for members to borrow:

  • Amazon Hacks : 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools
  • Building Secure Servers With Linux
  • Essential System Administration, Third Edition
  • Free As in Freedom : Richard Stallman’s Crusade For -Free Software
  • Hackers and Painters : Big Ideas From the Computer Age
  • Java Cookbook, 2nd Edition
  • Java Web Services
  • Learning Perl, Third Edition
  • Learning Python, Second Edition
  • Linux Pocket Guide
  • Linux Server Hacks
  • Mac OS X in a Nutshell
  • Managing and Using MySQL (2nd Edition)
  • PC Hardware in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition
  • PHP Cookbook
  • Perl Cookbook, Second Edition
  • Perl For Web Site Management
  • Postfix : The Definitive Guide
  • Practical Unix & Internet Security, 3rd Edition
  • Programming PHP
  • Running Linux, Fourth Edition
  • TCP/IP Network Administration (3rd Edition ; O’Reilly Networking)
  • Understanding Open Source and Free Software -Licensing
  • Understanding the Linux Kernel (2nd Edition)
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  1. mac osx in a nutshell 😀 am taking that one this time 😀

  2. It’s a relatively old book covering Panther I think. It’s somewhat outdated… but an interesting read nonetheless…

  3. thank you Avinash for the great initiative of freedom of choice…long Live Linux

  4. 😀 maybe old.. but i’ve not nothing else on mac yet… this would get me a foothold atleast on a few basic things about how the things are fitted around in osx… actually, am looking for something more osx internals [as in os stuffs] .. i feel really bad having just a mere grasp of just a few thing on osx when i am using it everyday

  5. 😀 if you do have a cooler books and is willing to lend me it for some days 😀 that would be coool 😀

  6. As a matter of fact, I do have a few *extremely cool* books on Mac OS X 🙂

  7. 😀 and…. are you willing to lend or atleast give some titles [if ever the book is really worth it… am buying it :D]

  8. I have “Brilliant Mac OSX Leopard: What You Need to Know and How to Do It.” It is a book for beginners but it’s nicely written and beautifully typeset (à la Apple.)

    I also have “Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach” which is an enormous book about Darwin et al. It does not cover Cocoa, Quicktime, etc. In essence, it an a Systems Software book (if you see what I mean.)

    I also have “Cocoa(R) Programming for Mac(R) OS X (2nd Edition)” which is a book about programming in Objective-C 1.0 which has since been superseded by Objective-C 2.0 (which has garbage collection for example.)

    Tell me which one you would like to read.

  9. Hello i am a Linux newbie users/administrator in a private firm. I want to be an open source expert and wish to join ur team.

  10. Hi ,that lots of resources that you provides ,as am a beginner in linux.

  11. A good reason to become a member then Vishal 🙂 Members can borrow books from our library.

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