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LUGM meeting, 15th of June 2013. (Meeting Restylized) Venue: L’escalier.

Greetings people, due to popular demands we have decided to re-stylize our meeting formats,
and are even doing it at a different location, where, we get to discover new places
at the same time instead of the usual.

We can’t do this without your presence, so please do confirm where you will be present or
not, or if the date needs to be moved. (can’t be moved earlier than 8th of June, can’t
be moved after 18th of July.)

I will be updating this description as times goes on with more ideas of what we shall include.

Agenda (and how i view it so far):
– Get to know a bit of ourselves, new members etc.
– Recruit new members out there (hopefully each one of you will be able to bring
some more people).
– I myself might do a very short presentation, on some intelligent tv i am
working on as hobby.
– Logan will be doing some light presentation.
– Anyone is actually free to do a small presentation of not more than 12 minutes
(Please do inform me before hand if you are planning to do a presentation.).
– There shall be internet provided via emtel.
– There’ll be plenty of free food. (Please do notify whether you are veg or
non veg during the course of this week. (along with you guests).
– Some beer will be available, no hard drinks allowed. You can bring your own beer.
– Let’s kick off our plans for this year, we need to actually do something
as a lug to the society, so feel free to draft ideas and bring those there :),
and hopefully be ready to command a particular project.

Again this is in the form of an opensource project, it works only if you contribute
ideas :p, so please feel free to add more to it (though you get to be responsible of
what you add.

I’ll add a map shortly for the location. Its 20 minutes drive from Ebene.
You will most certainly be having people driving to come to the event, so lemme know
where you leave, i’ll hook you up with someone coming here.

FB event:


Secretary of the lug.