LUGM Membership

Type of Membership

  • Student  (If you are currently a student in the primary, secondary or tertiary sector and you are NOT working, this category is for you, you usually would be allowed in for a minimal membership fee, proof of being a student is required)
  • Professional (If you are working (or not) and you are not a student to any academic institution, then you will have to join in as a professional member, which is around Rs.600 yearly)
  • Corporate (If you wish to join the LUG as an organisation/company, you shall join in as a corporate member, you get to have your banner on the front page, please contact the management for further information on this, Corporate membership fee is Rs.6000 yearly)

To apply for the LUGM Membership, please fill in the form( The Secretary of LUGM shall contact you once you submit this form for payment and processing.

3 thoughts on “LUGM Membership

  1. Prashant

    As per all Linux User Group, could you please post the agenda for the Quarter please.
    I am a member of London Linux User Group for 7 years now and as apart, from free beers and group chats, we get to implement projects in London.
    Your agenda would be much appreciated.

    Prashant (re-visiting MU soon.)

  2. kikibelux

    Cyril Bouthors speak about Freebeer, We have produce this beer in Belgium.
    We have a lot of bottle to sold. But How send to Mauritius ?

    mail me for interest !


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