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Virtual Developers Conference by the MSCC

The virtual Developers Conference of the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community was live streamed on YouTube on the 9th, 10th and 11th of September 2020. It connected 90 speakers from different parts of the world, not the Mauritius, with hundreds of viewers that showed interest in the various topics.

Dubbed as DevCon, the conference is undoubtedly the biggest event for developers, engineers, sysadmins, designers, bloggers, students and many other enthusiasts in Mauritius. Look for the hashtag #devconmu on Twitter and Facebook and I am pretty you will find out many nice comments about the conference.

Despite technical issues with the sound quality and lags on the live stream on the first day, the team didn't give up and worked harder. The second and third days went on pretty smooth.

I co-hosted in the Kryptone stream. All four streams had comics-themed names, Batcave, Avengers Tower, New Asgard and Kryptone. Each stream had a two hosts, one of them also having the role of director to switch scenes for the live stream.

Comics-themed YouTube live streams
Comics-themed YouTube live streams

After having processed all the recordings individual sessions will be uploaded on the MSCC YouTube channel.

The past years we had great fun in attending the Developers Conference, meet friends, have a beer and rejoice. The pandemic brought sudden changes in how we organise things and a virtual conference in Mauritius was definitely a new thing. No one in the organising team is a professional videographer and yet with a little tinkering we were able to record and live stream this conference. Hosting and directing for nine hours during three days was tiring but still we all had a blast during these days. ๐Ÿฅณ

Sandeep Ramgolam blogged about his share of experience during the virtual Developers Conference.

The next event, also a virtual one, by the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community, will be the DevFest Mauritius. It is scheduled for November but no date has been set yet.

Survey on the use of Linux in Mauritius

Who are we ?

The Linux User Group of Mauritius (LUGM) exists since November 2000 and our main roles are:

  • Advocate
  • Educate
  • Support
  • Socialise
  • Coordinate Linux and OSS activities in Mauritius

Web site and mailing list

  • http://www.lugm.org
  • http://www.lugm.org/mailing-list/

Scope of the survey

What we were looking for

  • Patterns of use of Linux and OSS in Mauritius
  • Meaning of Open Source
  • Knowledge of our existence


  • Sample of 80-100 IT managers
  • Questionnaire based
  • Anonymous

The results: Heard about Linux ?


A vast majority of IT managers has heard of Linux (92.5%)

The rest (7.5%) must be living on another planet ๐Ÿ™‚

How did you discover it ?


Multiple answered we allowed.

We see the ever increasing role of the Internet as a means fo propagate knowledge.

Where do you use Linux ?


38% of the IT managers questioned do not use Linux, neither at work nor at home.

Of those 62% left, the majority use Linux only at work

This seems to indicate that Linux is being used as a server operating system.

Distribution used ?


Pattern of use of distributions in Mauritius is exactly the same as worldwide.

Red Hat rules !

Applications used ?


Surprisingly, the type of application mostly used is Office applications (presumably Star Office and Open Office).

On the other hand, server applications (Mail, Web, Database and File Servers) amount to 55% which is coherent with the deduction made previously.

What about paid support ?


A majority thinks that Linux support should not be commercial.

This is very surprising given that most of those questioned use Linux at work.

An interpretation is that they are satisfied with the level of support they get in forums and websites.

Deployment date ?


The majority of those questioned already have deployed Linux-based solutions at work. This is absolutely fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚

Unfortunately, 35% do not know whether theyโ€™ll do it or not.

They are the ones we need to convince.

What is Open Source ?


One out of five IT managers does not know anything about Open Source…

Any Contribution ?


Frightening !

38% do not know how to help.

And about 20% do not want to help.

Linux and Open Source is all about give and take !!!

Heard about LUGM ?


55% of Mauritian IT managers know that LUGM exists.

Satisfied with LUGM ?


About half of those who know LUGM are satisfied with it.

It is important that those who are unsatisfied with LUGMโ€™s actions come forward and make proposals.

Thatโ€™s the whole point of having a community…

Conclusions ?

A majority of Mauritian IT Managers

  • know Linux and Open Source software
  • have deployed Linux and OSS-based solutions
  • do not require commercial support
  • do not contribute to the OSS movement.

They could help

  • Technically <=> participate in OSS development
  • Financially <=> reward deserving developers & projects
  • Logistically <=> help in a LUG (for example LUGM :-))

Copyright Avinash Meetoo | Published under the Gnu Free Document License