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8 thoughts on “Mailing List

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  2. Mike Jenkins

    Hi guys,

    Meeting at 10 on Sat?

    I think my 14 year old son will be joining me …


  3. Ish

    I clicked on the mentioned link to subscribe, but received “Mail Delivery Failure”.

    Can you please include me in mailing list. I’ll try to meet you guys on Saturday’s meeting.



  4. kikibelux


    I ‘am visiting this week Mauritius and I want to know if it is possible to meet you first Saturday of Augustus. Could you mail me you reply.
    thanks a lot

  5. Alain Bastien


    Urgently require 2 Linux experts to verify and certify in Supreme Court that an application does or does not contain Open Source codes thus can or cannot be copyrighted as proprietary according to GNU/GPL License


    Alain Bastien
    Phone 719 30 30

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