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Node.js smart server by Yog Lokhesh Ujhoodha

The Linux User Group of Mauritius organized a Node.js presentation yesterday at the University of Mauritius. Logan announced the same weeks ago and the prez was done by fellow Yog Lokhesh Ujhoodha.

The night before I had a “Happy Hour” party with colleagues and consequently Saturday morning left me drowsy. I reached the University of Mauritius before noon and was damn hungry. I was looking for room 2.12 when I met Yog, Logan and Humeira who were chatting near in the corridor. Others were having a casual talk in a smaller room while waiting for another class to be free. We needed the projector and a little bit of electricity to power Logan’s laptop :) The fellow has been doing a nice job by supplying gear for broadcasting the meetups on YouTube and allowing remote participation through Google Hangout. Kudos for that!

Thanks to Veer who was heading for the cafeteria, I asked him to bring me some food too. That saved my life :)

The prez started around 12h30 with a dozen participants in the class and several others through Google Hangout.


Node.js presentation by Yog Lokhesh Ujhoodha


LUGM usual suspects :)

Yog introduced Node.js and cleared the myth whether ‘Node.js’ is a webserver. It’s a runtime that executes JavaScript on the server-side using Google’s V8 open source JavaScript engine. I particularly liked the flow of his prez in the sense that he described a problem and what followed was how he would tackle it. Along the way, he gave an overview of web server architectures laying emphasis on multi-threaded vs event-driven; while taking Apache and Nginx as examples.

Yog explained through his code, how he identifies the number of CPU cores in a machine and proceeds with forking of child processes.

var cluster = require('cluster');
var numCPUs = require('os').cpus().length;

if (cluster.isMaster) {
    // fork workers
    var proc = Array();
    for  (var i = 0; i < numCPUs; i++) {
}else{ //forked worker


Later on he would explain how he runs the child process on a specific CPU core and thus eliminates delays caused by CPU switching [etc..] which he explained initially when describing webserver architectures. Those who missed the meetup can catch up on YouTube.

As and when Logan would switch to remote participants, Nitin and I grabbed the moment to discuss about his new blog I also showed Humeira the Firefox OS running Orange Klif mobile.

While others left after the presentation, some of us headed to Bagatelle Mall for a chill-out moment.

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Introduction to Flask

On the 14th of September 2015, Avinash Meetoo replied to this email on the Linux User Group of Mauritius (LUGM) mailing list and showed interest in doing a presentation for the next LUGM meetup.

The meetup happened today in Curepipe. I was not able to attend it physically, but thanks to Logan who did the necessary for setting up a Google Hangout session, I joined around 13h00. Shortly after, Avinash started his presentation “Introduction to Flask”.


He welcomed everyone who joined and gave a quick brief about the underlying infrastructure of webapps. I particularly liked the way he explained the model-view-controller (MVC) software design pattern; taking from there he talked about Python frameworks. The popular Django framework comes first, Avinash says. Django should be a powerful framework when a lot is needed for a project, like an interface for backend etc. However, if someone wants a pretty quick setup, say for example a prototype for demo’ing to customers or a small web application, there is this Python micro-framework called Flask that comes handy. Avinash explains why it’s called a “micro” framework; reason being it’s limitation to a subset of functions that full stack Python frameworks would offer. Nonetheless, the functions in Flask are pretty enough for setting up web applications.


Avinash mentioned how he uses Flask in his many projects at Knowledge Seven and how he designed his web application He and his wife, Christina, came up with an idea about a web application to help Mauritians vote intelligently, two weeks before the General Elections 2014. Avinash then put his genius in the making of the “Elections Mauritius” webapp.

During the presentation, Avinash showed a demo of a simple web application and unveiled the code behind his “Elections Mauritius” web application. The prez lasted for approximately 50 mins including the questions & answers at the end. Those who missed the Hangout session can still catch up on YouTube and once again, thank you Avinash :)

Flask logo used from

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Linuxfest 2013 – Highlights

On the 7th October 2013 I sent the following message to LUGM’s mailing list.

Hello folks,

After several pings I finally got a date from the UoM Computer Club. They checked & double-checked with registrar and the only date they could get is 25th November.

So … How about throwing a Linux party on that day @ Octave Wiehe Auditorium?

During the past MSCC & LUGM meetups I’ve been talking about this event which will aim at getting Linux to the general public. Since the last one back in 2011, I’ve known many who started using Linux since then and even got jobs within the industry :)

Let’s have some brainstorming about how the event should proceed; we need speakers, magicians & entertainers … where are the volunteers?


Ish Sookun

The response that I received from LUGM folks was great. Everyone was keen to help with the event. We had an initial meetup at Perfect Pizza to discuss the event. Several emails, phone calls & meetups followed. Folks from UoM Computer Club & LUGM liaised to assign pending tasks. We had little time to arrange/organize yet we synchronized to the best we could.

Finally the day arrived, 25th November 2013!

Why a Linux Festival?

When we did an openSUSE Installfest back in 2011 it was a successful event. I know several guys who since then started using Linux & got jobs within the industry. Somehow I think the exposure to Linux helped the guys try it, like it & continue use it. I hope of achieving the same this time …

Participating in the Infotech 2013 got us some visibility. In fact, I met several folks at Octave Wiehe, Auditorium for the Linuxfest who actually met us at Infotech first. We invited them & they came. Although exams happening on that day we got 167 students registering & attending.

How was the event?

We didn’t get time to rehearse or even test the equipment properly. Some of us reached University of Mauritius as early as 08h00. Yet we were not ready with logistics by 10h00. We started the event some time around 10h30. First came a video promo made by Nirvan Pagooah. We didn’t have any host on stage but instead had a whole team working backstage to do announcements & poke some fun from time to time.

Linuxfest 2013 - Mauritius

Linuxfest 2013 - Mauritius

Linuxfest 2013 - Mauritius

Linuxfest 2013 - Mauritius

Presentations were done as follows:

  • Expansion of Linux & Android in the world and particularly, Mauritius, by Avinash Meetoo
  • Running Windows applications on Linux, by Jochen Kirstätter
  • Skills needed for a Unix System Admin & open source in our current IT industry, by Nitin Bachraz
  • MSCC & Development on open source platforms, by Nirvan Pagooah & Nayar Joolfoo
  • openSUSE Project / openSUSE Advocate Program, by Ish Sookun
  • BSD & Linux, which is which, by Eldergod Sælvøn
  • Presentation of Kali Linux, by Nitin J Mutkawoa
  • Linux Mint for daily activities, by Nadim Attari

Photo highlights

Linuxfest 2013 - Mauritius Avinash Meetoo, CEO of Knowledge Seven.

Jochen Kirstätter, a.k.a JoKi, CEO of IOS Ltd.

Nitin Bachraz, Senior Engineer & Team Leader, Orange Business Services.

Nirvan Pagooah, Creative Director, Graphics Temple & Student of UoM.

Nayar Joolfoo, student of UoM.

Nayar’s presentation made using HTML5 got some jaws dropped.

Ish Sookun, Engineer at Orange Business Services & openSUSE Advocate.

Nitin Mutkawoa, Police Officer & Linux enthusiast.

Nadim Attari, Web Developer & Linux enthusiast.

After the presentations we invited everyone in the auditorium lobby for some Linux demos. Ajay demoed several tools including Steam running on his Gentoo box.

Ajay interacting with an inquisitive audience.

On my end I met a few students whom I first met at Infotech. I had told them they could bring their laptops if they wanted to install Linux, which they did. They brought two laptops and several pendrives to get copies of Linux distributions. I installed Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon on one of their laptops. On the second one I asked them to install & I would watch. It was fun to have to geek chat while they were busy with the installation. They did the installation fine, dual booting with Windows.

The event over & we felt a sense of satisfaction. We were a bunch of geeks sitting outside afterwards, sharing some of the great moments. We hope to have the same collaboration for future events & we can make things better in many ways.

Photo credits go to Khagesh Teeluck.
Some photos taken using Ajay’s camera.