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Let’s rock with MariaDB and MySQL

A few weeks ago, Ronny the old guy of Linux User Group (Mauritius) who also happens to be the president announced a possible visit of Joffrey Michaie. I hadn’t met Joffrey before but I did hear a lot about him during my early days as a sysadmin.… Read more ➡

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Linux meetup – 14.09.2013

Saturday with a fine sunny weather. Perfect to get the sandals out this time. Yup! I actually prefer sandals than shoes.

Like my previous blog post I enjoyed some nice music & reading while traveling by bus. I reached Bagatelle a little before 14h00. Nitin Mutkawoa had arrived already. Natasha texted ealier she’s got some transport issue, she won’t be able to come. Yuram informed he’ll be late. Never mind, Nitin & me … we went to Mugg & Bean and ordered the regular Mocca Java. Strangely, Mugg & Bean was kinda empty. Good for us it was less noisy.

apache-logoNitin asked me about Apache virtualhosts and I tried enlightening him with the myriad things he can achieve by correctly defining directives in httpd.conf. Virtual Hosts allow us to run several websites on a single server. They can be IP based, that is, each website has a different IP address or Name based, that is, multiple websites running on the same IP address. I showed him how to use the virtualhost directives. Below is an extract taken from httpd.conf.

NameVirtualHost *:80

<VirtualHost *:80>

    DocumentRoot /srv/www/htdocs

    <Directory "/srv/www/htdocs">
        Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
        AllowOverride None
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all


NameVirtualHost * – tells Apache that Virtual Hosts are running on all IP addresses available and should listen to port 80

Each Virtual Host is then defined within the <VirtualHost></VirtualHost> tags.

ServerName defines the domain name mapped to this website
ServerAlias as the name suggests is an alias, thus this domain name also will point to the current website. You can have more than one server alias.
ServerAdmin assigns an administrator email address to the website. In case of errors, this email address is shown up to report to.
DocucmentRoot is the path that contains your website files.

See additional examples on Apache Documentation website.

We then talked about some scams (home job related) currently happening on facebook. It’s a bit sad to see that our fellow Mauritians are still liking & sharing stuffs on facebook without inquiring (even after what happened with the ponzi & internet banking scams).

Anousha texted & she came 30 mins afterwards. Neha & Darshinee could not make it this time as their class was extended till 16h00. Yuram also called, he could not make it due to transport issue.

When Anousha came we talked about the upcoming Linuxfest and started the technical discussion which I earlier posted on facebook. She prepared a sum-up of the technical discussion which can be downloaded here – Linux meetup summary

Read comments by Jochen for tips about preferred domain.
Most probably we’ll have another discussion on Apache virtual host in the coming meetups.