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Font anti-aliasing in openSUSE KDE

Posted by Ish

Some time ago a friend, Abdallah Yashir asked me about font anti-aliasing in openSUSE KDE. He liked the KDE version of openSUSE but somehow was disappointed with the quality of fonts. As a developer typography was his main concern. I told him I’ll put some quickie instruction on my blog.

So, to get smooth looking text on your screen you have to enable “anti-aliasing”. Press Alt + F2 & fire up kcmshell4 fonts. It should bring up the KDE Control Module for Fonts. Enable anti-aliasing and click on the configure button. Select Use sub-pixel rendering and set it to RGB. Apply the new settings.


All newly started applications will now feature smooth fonts. For a better experience though, restart the KDE session.


Update – 29.11.13

Getting some nice fonts from Google …

sudo zypper in google-alegreya-fonts google-allerta-fonts google-anonymouspro-fonts google-arimo-fonts google-cabin-fonts google-cardo-fonts google-cousine-fonts google-croscore-fonts google-droid-fonts google-exo-fonts google-inconsolata-fonts google-lato-fonts google-lekton-fonts google-merriweather-fonts google-nobile-fonts google-roboto-fonts google-tinos-fonts


Follow the above mentioned instruction & set the system font as Lato and the size as shown below …


You should end up with a sleek & smooth KDE desktop ( :