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LUGM Meetup @ Pizza Perfect

As announced on Facebook earlier this week, we had a LUGM meetup today at Pizza Perfect. Scheduled to start at 11h00 but I woke up late. I end up missing the bus. The next one came 30 mins later & was damn slow on the road. Could I complain? Nope! So, I’d better listen to the Bollywood playlist on Kindle.

Ajay & Jagveer called me and I assumed others reached Pizza Perfect while I was still on way. Indeed, when I reached there around 12h05, a small team already was enjoying lunch with no pizza on the table. Aww! For once, I joined in to have a burger lunch too. A perfect vegetarian burger.


Today’s Geek Team

Jochen Kirstaetter & the kids, Nitin Mutkawoa, Shamsher Khudurun (aka Luffy), Jagveer Loky, Ajay Ramjatan, Ibraahim Atchia, Ashley Babajee, Nayar Joolfoo and me.

We had lunch & discussed random topics till 13h00. Afterwards we looked at the LUGM agenda. We started with handling of membership applications. I had quite a bunch of application forms to hand over. Since the secretary couldn’t make it today and we needed to find a novel method to store member details, Ajay volunteered to do this. I also had to handover membership fees from a few new members to the treasurer, that is Ajay. That made us discuss the future of LUGM as a growing community in Mauritius. We exchanged a few words about MITIA (Mauritius IT Industry Association) and the upcoming ProIT 2014 Conference.


Don’t know if it was shooting against sunlight or the rainy weather that got me dark pictures.


Next we had a lengthy discussion about LUGM website revamp. Ajay proposed having a team assigned with different roles, such as webmaster, maintainer/developer, content writers & editors. Everyone pretty much agreed on this. Initially I didn’t want to be in the web team as I rather wanted to direct resources to the Magazine idea. As it happens though, magazines look like an old-fashioned artifact. I changed my mind and joined the web team. Nayar and Nitin volunteered as well. In fact, Nayar also volunteered to put some energy into reviving the LUGM forum as he has some experience writing plugins for MyBB.

While the discussion was still ON, Nitin & Luffy helped Jagveer load Kali Linux onto his laptop. The new recruit was happy.

Ajay tossed the topic on communication channels. The LUGM mailing list looks like an obsolete tool for communication. I agreed as most of the emails go unanswered or might get a response only weeks after. We discussed on the possibility of automatically posting announcements to various social network channels. As of today we have a Facebook group, a Google plus account and a Youtube channel. We intend to set up Twitter and Linkedin accounts and interconnect them.

We also discussed about revenue possibilities through the LUGM website. Ajay showed us the traffic stats of LUGM website. Our jaws dropped!! Nayar & I, simply couldn’t believe those stats. They’re some great revenue potential for the association and the website revamp could make all this happen naturally. Ronny joined the discussion through Skype and shared his views regarding the website revamp.


Lastly, I opened discussion about Ubuntu Mauritius. I explained how it came to my mind putting energy in the Ubuntu Mauritius group which exists since 2011. I’m spending much time working on Ubuntu and CAE Linux (based on Ubuntu 12.04) these days. It makes it easier for me advocating the same and answer questions that are directed towards the project. I could thus help other Ubuntu users & enthusiasts guiding them into bug reporting and doing advocacy on their end. Nayar already has a project that could end up being the first package under ubuntu-mu PPA.


Meetup ended around 15h30 on a happy note with quite a huge list of tasks ahead.

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Corsair Hackers Reboot, demo preps

We’re approximately 3 weeks away from the Corsair Hackers Reboot. On my end I have so much in the pool. Yup, I know I’ll be hopping around with almost every team that will be cheering for FOSS that day, however, I’ve chosen to dedicate most of my time to the Demo and Talks sections. For the latter I’m yet to come up with some interesting topics. As for the demo, ahaaan … It’s being arranged full-fledged. I’m assuring that no wish shall remain un-fulfilled that day. In my software repository, the following distributions will be made available :

- Arch Linux
- CentOS (32Bit & 64Bit)
- Debian 7.4 (64Bit Full DVD set)
- elementary OS (32Bit & 64Bit)
- Fedora 20 (GNOME, 32Bit & 64Bit)
- Gentoo (32Bit & 64Bit)
- Kali Linux (32Bit & 64Bit)
- Linux Mint (Cinnamon, Mate, Debian Edition, 32Bit & 64Bit)
- Mageia 4 (Full, 64Bit)
- Manjaro Linux (XFCE, OpenBox, 32Bit & 64Bit)
- openSUSE 13.1 (Full, 32Bit & 64Bit)
- PCLinuxOS (KDE, 64Bit)
- Slackware 14.1 (32 Bit & 64Bit)
- Slax 7.0 (32Bit & 64Bit)
- Ubuntu Desktop/Server 12.04/13.10 (32Bit & 64Bit)


... among others!

I can’t guarantee that all the distributions will be running/demo’ed on physical machines but they will nevertheless be freely available to all. You may copy it, burn it & try on your own laptop. We may of course help you in case there are any hiccups booting it up. CD/DVD burning on our end might be difficult, so I’ll suggest folks to bring a pendrive instead if you want a Live Linux. As for those who wish to have their machine Tux’ed (ahaan, that sounds like a nice name for a Linux powered machine), we will handle the installation part. We have set up an Installfest Team dedicated at installing Linux distros (of your choice). We do have a backup mechanism to ensure that your data are safe, however we cannot take full responsibility if something goes wrong. So, if you’re bringing your machine for a Linux installation, you could do a backup on your end too.

nix-pack-1Any other operating system apart from Linux? Yup, indeed, for the more geekies I’m bringing Minix, Debian Hurd, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and NetBSD.

Computer Science students might be interested to have a look at Minix, an open source operating system by Prof. Andrew Tanenbaum. Minix was in fact the inspirational platform for Linus Torvalds to start coding the Linux kernel back in the early 90′s.

Hurd on the other hand is the iconic operating system by the Free Software Foundation. GNU Hurd was expected to be the kernel for the free GNU Operating System. However, development & design of the microkernel has been slow and Linux on the other hand prospered. Linux therefore became the prime choice of kernel.

BSD needs no introduction here ( :

What about Windows users?

Since the event is about promoting FOSS in general, we’re not limiting ourself to operating systems. Our software repository will contain free & open source applications for Microsoft Windows as well. So far my pool has the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, FileZilla, FreeCAD, GIMP, Inkscape, Notepad++, VirtualBox, VLC, LibreOffice, Abiword, ClamWin, Audacity, GanttPV, GnuCash, X-Chat and NASA World Wind.

I’m all set for an awesome FOSS party on Saturday 19th April 2014. Are you?

Geek Team ethusiastic as ever

2014, and we had our first LUGM meetup. Nadim & I discussed it earlier on facebook and he proceeded with the event page creation. Didn’t know how many people might show up, so we set the location place to be Pizza Perfect. By Wednesday we had more than 20 people coming, I thus contacted Pizza Perfect & asked them to reserve three tables.

Saturday comes & the day starts by me waking up late, nothing new. The bus to P. Louis was slow on the road but I could not complain. I instead continued listening to some Coke Studio music I downloaded the day before. Nadim & Kamal called me, I informed them I was on the way.

I reached Pizza Perfect around 12h30 I think, didn’t check the time. As I was walking towards the entrance I met Nayar, inside Nadim & Yasir were already having lunch. We were still discussing about how to arrange the tables and geeks started showing up. Woohoooo! 2014 LUG Meetup starts well.

Who made it today?

Nadim Attari, Karsten Schwegmann, Yannick Labonne, Radha Chamburn, Jules (Cr0p) Giovanni, Avinash Mayaram, Nitin Mutkawoa, Kamal Shewnarain, Yasir Auleear, Kishan Bhugul, Yunus Aumeeruddy, Shamsher Khudurun, Ibraahim Atchia, Azra Futloo, Pritvi Jheengut, Nirvan Pagooah, Irfaan Coonjah, Ajay Ramjatan, Nayar Joolfoo and Ish Sookun.

That makes us 20 attendees for 2014′s first LUGM meetup.


The Geek Team

While some were still on way, others were munching burger, having pizza & shooting sporadic topics. Oh wait … Nadim did a formal introduction of LUGM, then somewhere I hijacked his speech, started talking LUGM, took a leap to induction in companies, went through the hell of dress code policies, security policies regarding cloud services & how to bypass them and finally I landed somewhere I don’t recall. A nice ride indeed, however I wonder how many followed.


Nadim, after giving a brief intro of LUGM


I kinda like this one ( :

Azra brought her laptop as she was having issues installing OpenNebula on Ubuntu. I told her I’ll have a look. Didn’t know she installed it on VMware (which I don’t like) and Windows 8, I guess by the look. Anyway, I had a quickie at her first VM, everything seemed rightly done (according to the official manual). The real heck was coming with the Hypervisor. Unfortunately, we were having Internet connection issues. Though the VM was on NAT, it wouldn’t get any connection. I was a bit lazy to troubleshoot further & of course the Windows interface kinda discouraged me. Instead, I told her I’ll setup the Hypervisor in VirtualBox and send her the VDI. I already installed OpenNebula while testing earlier. Just needed to finish a couple of settings to get it to work.

Next, I shot the topic of the day: Corsair Hackers Reboot
I asked Pritvi to do an introduction. He explained the meaning of Corsair (as in Corsair Pirates) and how it aligns with Installfests that we intend to do this year. Discussion was getting a good flow & I proposed we organize it within Bagatelle Mall for increased public visibility. Well, visibility would be guaranteed but other issues could crop up; like getting the support/approval from Bagatelle Mall management, power outlets etc. If we pulled in computer shops as partners there still could be some conflict-of-interest. At that time, Mr. Madhub, an entrepreneur himself, and owner of Fortune Way Shopping Mall (Centre de Flacq) overheard our discussion. He was interested with the whole idea and offered us a 10,000 sq.ft Hall at Fortune Way Shopping Mall, where we can organize the event. Sounded nice, besides Flacq houses a huge population of IT Users & students.


Pritvi, mastermind behind Corsair Hackers Reboot


Cr0p (Jules), a kinda rare creature who made it this time

Ajay continued discussing a couple of stuffs with Mr. Madhub while I was munching my pizza & making GNU noise. In today’s agenda I had mentioned something about gears to donate. Actually, this idea was brewing up since last year when I realised how much un-used computer gear I had (processors, hard drives, keyboards etc). Thought I could donate them to folks badly needing those. Then I said why not sharing this idea with LUGM folks, if others have un-used gears too, we could instead build a whole system loaded with GNU\Linux and donate the same. Many liked the idea and Kishan volunteered to formalize the whole thing.


Kishan (front), Yunus, Nayar, Ajay doing some magic trick it seems


Yasir, sideways in blue shirt

Some left early and by 15h30 the rest of us continued with brainstorming for Corsair Hackers Reboot event. We listed things to be done and activities that could be taken up by each of us. The event picture was getting clearer in our minds. Great, seems like we gonna have fun time ahead.

We paused shortly after 16h00 … It was time to go home.

Photos, courtesy of Yasir Auleear.