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Creative madness! It’s a beautiful illness …

Posted by Ish

Earlier today, Nilesh pinged me on facebook saying he’s getting an outburst of ideas and wants to try some video concepts. He asked me a couple of lines that he can use in a video. Now, this is what I like with creative geeks, they get some sporadically genius idea & knock your door to add your share of craziness. I penned down a few lines & sent him. Thought we could make a video promo for LUGM (Linux User Group of Mauritius). He then asked me for some music track. Well, I got nothing more that the folkoric music from Coke Studio Pakistan & India; which would not fit in the context. I let him choose something instead.

A while later he pings me back with a first demo. I like it. So, he renders the whole thing with a nice background music and the result is … voilà!