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Linux free course by EDX

Posted by Ish

edx_smallI received an email today from EDX about their upcoming course on Linux. I usually receive notifications about new courses but this one caught my attention. I checked and indeed there’s an Introduction to Linux course that is being made available as from 1 August 2014 in collaboration with the Linux Foundation. The course is totally free, i.e no cost associated and it’s delivered online.

For those who’re not familiar to EDX or it’s cousin Coursera, it is an online collaboration of several universities to provide quality courses for free. Folks from around the world can register to these courses and upon completion they receive a certificate of merit/achievement or they can also opt for a paid Verified Certificate of Achievement.

Just for info, EDX was initially an open initiative by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). MIT was the first institution to start open learning by providing their courses for free. They started a pilot project called MITx and offered a course in Circuits & Electronics. Later several US universities joined to form EDX. MIT has also been providing their courseware for free through the MIT Open Courseware website.


7 May 2014, 20h23
tux-scholarAs published on Ars Technica, the Introduction to Linux course usually costs $2,400 which is approximately MUR 72,000. Linux comes for free, most tutorials out there come for free and now even a University-class course is coming for free. What more would you need to start learning? Enroll now!

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