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Developers Conference 2017 – Linuxfest

Hey folks! We're back. It's time to meet up and have geek fun at the Developers Conference 2017. At its third edition, I am sure that, this great event of the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community will not disappoint you. Of course, there must be something in menu that will suit your appetite.

Shelly and I have planned our DevCon weekend carefully. We'll be there all three days.

I have a session on NGINX Microservices scheduled at 10h30 on Saturday at the Educator 2. The rest of the time that day you would find me hopping between Voilà Hotel and Flying Dodo helping folks from the Linux User Group of Mauritius with the full-day activities.

LUGM - Developers Conference 2017

Members of the Linux User Group will run a Linuxfest and help keen enthusiasts with Linux installs & troubleshoots in the conference room of Flying Dodo. You're all invited to come share your knowledge. We will be running demos on a projector and if you have some cool stuff about Linux which you'd like to share then get in touch, it'll be great to have more fellows around advocating Free Software/Open Source. Ping LUGM members Nirvan, Nadim on Twitter or get in touch with Ajay or Ronny on Facebook.

Care to tweet? Use the hashtag #DevConMru.

Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet Release Party #DevConMru

The release of Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet is coinciding with Developers Conference 2015. We’re thus proudly having our release party during the event. Typically, all geek stuffs, that is hackathons, demos, installfests will run Flying Dodo, Bagatelle. Ubuntu release party is scheduled for Thursday 23rd April and I shall be there a whole, hopefully. So… Bring it ON and let’s have some Ubuntu fun.

Ubuntu Mauritius

ubuntu-mauritius-220Ubuntu Mauritius is a group comprising of Ubuntu enthusiasts who seek to promote the use of Ubuntu and free open source software. The group comprises of professionals as well as college & university students, who dedicate their time to plan and organize events around the island.

Should you wish to join the league, catch us on Launchpad. We’re reachable via our mailing published on our Launchpad page. We also have an event page on the Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal.

Meanwhile let’s just spread some Linux Love through #Ubuntu #Mauritius #DevConMru hashtags on social networks. Those who are on Facebook, feel free to use the following as FB Cover.


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MSCC – Let’s talk about Scripting

It was initially scheduled for last Saturday but upon request MSCC monthly meetup was re-scheduled for today. I thought that would give me sufficient time to craft some cool scripts that I could showcase during my presentation on Bash Scripting. Oh! I was wrong. I either didn’t get enough inspiration or simply I was lazy to write stuffs. Wait! How could I be lazy since I did get time to make some colorful slides. Ahaan … Inspiration then?

Back to topic, this morning Rajnee (a new LUGM recruit) texted & told me she could pick me up before going to the meetup. This was the first time she’d be attending an MSCC meetup. That was too cool, she picked me up around 10h00 & we arrived at the University of Mauritius a little before 10h30. On the way I called Ronny, he had some other priorities and might not show up. We initially planned to spare 15 minutes today & approve the new recruits of LUGM.

At UoM, I called up Yunus to find my way to Phase II, room 2.9. It wasn’t a tough task. I do know a little bit about UoM building layouts. Right infront of room 2.9, I saw Nayar and Aslam waiting. They reached earlier and inquired about the class. Seemed like it was occupied and it would be free as from 10h30. Fair enough for us. A short while later Daniel showed up followed by others.

Others? Who else?

Those who made it today:
Daniel, Nayar, Aslam, Rajnee, Ashmita, Yunus, Jagveer, Adarsh, Nadim, Pritvi, Saif, Jochen and his kids… oh, and me of course.

Ironically, the projector in room 2.9 was black & white. I was like whaaaat? No way. I spent time to make colorful slides, I can’t show those in B&W. We then moved to room 2.10 and 2.11. Same issue. Hopefully, Jochen brought his projector. So, we returned to room 2.9 and used his projector.

I presented my love for Bash first. As I mentioned earlier, due to lack of inspiration, I could not dedicate more time to script examples but I assured the presentation would be beneficial to new folks in Linux, giving them an insight about command-line. I talked about pipes, redirects, standard streams and how these can be coupled with Bash scripting.

My presentation (^^,)

Daniel brought a programmer’s approach and described the limits of scripting, as when should one shift to program something rather than scripting. He also showed us some syntax loopholes in Bash that could leave someone with bad code.

Daniel's slides

In the end, Jochen brought us PowerShell. We went back in history, discussed MS-DOS and Microsoft’s evolution to PowerShell. Yes, Microsoft has been slow on this decision. Questions sprouted along the way as Jochen proceeded with PowerShell talks. I shot about a server having just PowerShell, like no GUI, and yes that’s available with Microsoft Server Core. Pritvi shot about connecting to a headless server using PowerShell. Yes, indeed that’s possible too but it’s not as in SSH (if you might be thinking that way). Jochen also highlighted the similarities with Bash, like having cmdlets (a PowerShell feature) aliased to popular Bash commands like, ls, mv, rmdir, mkdir etc.

After the presentations some of us moved to Bagatelle to have lunch. Meetup thus ended on a happy note over tea, panini, pita bread, sandwiches and pasta.

MSCC Meetup - Presentation on Shell Scripting mscc-scripting-daniel mscc-scripting-jochen mscc-scripting-bagatelle-1 mscc-scripting-bagatelle-2 mscc-scripting-bagatelle-3

Photos taken on mobile by Nadim. Indoor ones came bad due to lighting.

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geeks@mscc:~$ Hello, WordPress

Weeks ago it was announced as the next hot topic for MSCC Saturday meetup : WordPress. Rikesh volunteered for a technical presentation. Last time, after Sun & Moz presented web stuffs, I started getting hands dirty with some Responsive Web Design. I initially didn’t like the concept as I always thought it wastes white space. However the presentations inspired me to try, which I don’t regret.

Let’s see who made it today

Pritvi Jheengut, Nayar Joolfoo, Humeira Diljore, Collin Lo, Pascal, Mozammil Khodabachas, Darvin Moctaram, Rikesh Ramlochund, Sarju Dooly, Kishan Bhugul, Ratna Chikhuri, Heidi Pomanah, Yunus Aumeeruddy, Jochen Kirstätter, Pawan Babooram, Louis Oberlé, Vincent Pollet, Paul Schwarz, Johann Jenson, Sebastian Kippe, Caroline Chung, Sun RS, Sruti Jughdharree, Nadim Attari, Nitin Mutkawoa, Samiyah Peerun, Shamsher Khudurrun, Yannick Labonne and Ish Sookun.

13h30, the conference room was full. Jochen prompted for a quick intro of newcomers and then Rikesh started the presentation. He briefly described the project, its uses (not just as blog), cited W3Techs stats, and referred about the WordPress (Codex) official documentation. I had a look at the WordPress Codex a few days ago when trying to pamper myself with a responsive template. I initially got an HTML template from Zurb and followed instructions from the WordPress Codex to work it out.

The part when Rikesh explained about Hooks, namely filter and action caught my attention. WordPress Codex is a great resource but might appear bulky to a non-developer who only is looking for a couple of tweaks. So, this explanation comes handy next time I’m on a WordPress hack.

Oh! One more trick that grasped attention was the query parameter : ?s=keyword. Should be useful when making a custom search box.

The overall presentation was knowledge enriching. We should indeed congratulate Rikesh on the good work : ) I personally liked the demos & code snippets. Ahaan …Cherry on the cake, the codes are available on GitHub.

mscc-meetup-5apps.comShortly before 16h00 the presentation was over and we had a Q & A session. Jochen then cited upcoming events and presentations. We spent some time exchanging words. Pritvi and I, we tweaked Kishan’s Android Studio installation on his netbook. I disabled Nitin’s firewall and enabled his public interface on, which was down for a while. I’m sure Nitin will blog more about this experience and securing web servers. He’s been doing some intensive search about firewalls and all. All the best buddy & hope to see your blog post soon.

In the end, something to pamper us : stickers. Yup! One good fellow from, Sebastian Kippe, brought us the goodies. I checked a few days ago in a jiffy. Now, the sticker puts me under the moral obligation to build something on : ) Hmm, some caffeine and job should be done!




Photos, courtesy of Pawan Babooram

LUGM | mini-meetup 24.08.13 as it happened

It’s been one rainy Saturday morning and while rushing to the bus-stop without an umbrella I missed the Port-Louis bus. Pfff! The next one should come in/around 30 mins. I was left with only one option, take Rose-Hill bus, stop at Réduit then go to Bagatelle. Then I thought Avinash & Natasha would be going to print copies of the LUGM membership form at Réduit. So, I called & ask them to wait for me.

Hehe! One funny thing happened at that printing facility at Réduit. The staff argued with us that their PC is infected and it could delete stuffs on my pendrive and a lot of such blah-blah. I argued back, to hell with my data, just print the file. Then another guy came, maybe he’s the owner and he was like explaining that we are not realizing the severity of a virus and again some blah-blah. It seemed like he would have made us sign a disclaimer before printing the file. Oh! come on … which era was that? Was I teleported to another dimension/time/space where computer viruses had eaten up people’s thinking capacity. Avinash tried calming my words and said let’s just print & get going … and that’s what we did.

We reached Mugg & Bean around 13h50. Selven & Jochen were outside. Yup! I was late. Anousha had come a while earlier but since she did not recognize others she waited inside. Mugg & Bean was almost full at that moment. Jochen and her little daughter went to have some fun time around the Mall. The rest of us went inside and arranged for two tables. Cool! We got them. After some time Yuram & Nitin Mutkawoa came. We were a little hungry so we started with something to eat first (: I ordered a toasted sandwich, Selven took a Blueberry muffin & others … well I didn’t look in their plates.


My toasted sandwich, not bad

We had some general Linux chat while eating & having coffee. Anousha was new, so Selven and I explained her a little bit about LUGM and what we’re trying to do with mini-meetups. We also talked about MSCC. Everybody participated in a chat regarding confidence when attending job interviews, especially when technical questions are thrown at you. Also, how you confront your weaknesses when the interviewer pulls you there. This was some fun topic & Selven added more flavor with his examples.


Yup, I'm missing in this one & Nitin Mutkawoa is hiding behind the girls

After the mini-lunch I changed seat and went to explain Yuram & Anousha about the topics I published earlier on facebook :

  • runlevels / init / telinit
  • pipe, redirect & standard streams
  • various handy shell commands


As usual I'm in some funny position for no reason

Oh! Yup … Selven offered Avinash, Yuram & me, a round of beer. Before we could continue with another one some had to go and the rest of us decided to go watch Wolverine.

Meetup ended & everyone was happy!

Anousha has summarized some commands & other stuffs as we discussed – Download