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openSUSE:42 – a new beginning

People usually ask what is the difference between openSUSE and SUSE? Some even ask how to pronounce it :-) Well, before it hits hard, you should pronounce it suze. SUSE is an enterprise class Linux distribution and it comes in two flavours:

– SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
– SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

openSUSE on the other hand is the community version. Much of the development that happens in openSUSE lands in SUSE enterprise editions.

What is openSUSE 42?

openSUSE_42Following additional support and core SUSE Linux Enterprise code given to the openSUSE project, the latter is on a new journey for future releases. At the moment the nomenclature is undecided. Serious discussions are going on the openSUSE project mail list. To know what we are talking about, we have been calling it openSUSE 42. The number 42 comes from the project name openSUSE:42 in the openSUSE Build Service.

On the mail lists I see suggestions like Leap, Oak and Rock & Roll making its way. No consensus has been reached yet. Hoping to get hold on a 42-spin soon :-)