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Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet Release Party #DevConMru

The release of Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet is coinciding with Developers Conference 2015. We’re thus proudly having our release party during the event. Typically, all geek stuffs, that is hackathons, demos, installfests will run Flying Dodo, Bagatelle. Ubuntu release party is scheduled for Thursday 23rd April and I shall be there a whole, hopefully. So… Bring it ON and let’s have some Ubuntu fun.

Ubuntu Mauritius

ubuntu-mauritius-220Ubuntu Mauritius is a group comprising of Ubuntu enthusiasts who seek to promote the use of Ubuntu and free open source software. The group comprises of professionals as well as college & university students, who dedicate their time to plan and organize events around the island.

Should you wish to join the league, catch us on Launchpad. We’re reachable via our mailing published on our Launchpad page. We also have an event page on the Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal.

Meanwhile let’s just spread some Linux Love through #Ubuntu #Mauritius #DevConMru hashtags on social networks. Those who are on Facebook, feel free to use the following as FB Cover.


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Ubuntu Jam 2015 – Mauritius

In-line with the Ubuntu Global Jam happening from 6 – 8 February 2015, we too, we had our share of jamming session at the University of Mauritius today. Due to work commitments, however, I could not put in too much energy and rather unloaded the same on Ashmita, the University of Mauritius Computer Club president, and a very good friend.

ubuntu_global_jam_badge_v1Though we had a tight schedule of just a couple of days, she managed to get some gear ready for the event. I created the event on the Ubuntu Loco Team Portal. Ashmita created an event page on Facebook as well.

Scheduled to start at 10h00, I reached the University of Mauritius around 10h15. Bad weather, bad timing, but geared for some fun. On the way, I picked up Shelly. As for Pritvi, really it’s time he gets himself a mobile phone to synchronize timing. He reached the university some 15 – 20 minutes after me.

As I arrived at the caféteria, the usual geek team was busy setting up what looked like a “chapiteau”. Oh great, we would need one in case the rain pours like hell. Ubuntu Jam in the rain, that’s rare but fun.

Minutes later we had tables set up, got power and plugged our gears. I brought two laptops. My work laptop was with me, I actually carry it everywhere ^^ so I just shot a Live Ubuntu on that one. Besides I had my second laptop running openSUSE which I used to build Live pendrives.


My openSUSE notebook

A few curious ones showed up and I discussed Ubuntu while demo’ing stuffs on the Live Ubuntu session. Some took ISO images while many others wished to have a Live pendrive. The irony was when I had Ubuntu running on a MacBook to copy a Linux ISO on a Microsoft pendrive :-)


Kamal & Nadim were busy installing Ubuntu on laptops. It was great to see people bringing their gear for a Linux install. As far as I know, they did at least three installations.


Nirvan & Logan were intrigued as to why they had SSH issues on the university campus. They tried git-cloning using SSH and it failed flat on their face. Git via HTTPS worked though. Conclusion, port 22 (standard port for SSH) seems to be blocked. This did create some debate and it was argued that SSH is a popular protocol used in many “security-centric” applications and Github undoubtedly is the favourite code-sharing platform for aspiring computer scientists of the university.


We packed up around 13h30 & settled at the cafeteria itself for a group lunch :-)

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Software Freedom Day

web-banner-chat-participatingYup! Let me start this post with Software Freedom Day. Actually, I forgot about it until this morning when I saw an email from the Free Software Foundation. The Software Freedom Day is an annual celebration that aims at creating awareness about free software.… Read more ➡

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A growing FOSS community in Mauritius

As shot on facebook during the week, a bunch of geeks met yesterday for a random meetup. Aww! Not so random as I proposed to discuss Bug Reporting. Let’s see how the day unfolded.

It’s Saturday, as usual I would wake up late.… Read more ➡

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LUGM Meetup @ Pizza Perfect

As announced on Facebook earlier this week, we had a LUGM meetup today at Pizza Perfect. Scheduled to start at 11h00 but I woke up late. I end up missing the bus. The next one came 30 mins later & was damn slow on the road. Could I complain? Nope! So, I’d better listen to the Bollywood playlist on Kindle.

Ajay & Jagveer called me and I assumed others reached Pizza Perfect while I was still on way. Indeed, when I reached there around 12h05, a small team already was enjoying lunch with no pizza on the table. Aww! For once, I joined in to have a burger lunch too. A perfect vegetarian burger.


Today’s Geek Team

Jochen Kirstaetter & the kids, Nitin Mutkawoa, Shamsher Khudurun (aka Luffy), Jagveer Loky, Ajay Ramjatan, Ibraahim Atchia, Ashley Babajee, Nayar Joolfoo and me.

We had lunch & discussed random topics till 13h00. Afterwards we looked at the LUGM agenda. We started with handling of membership applications. I had quite a bunch of application forms to hand over. Since the secretary couldn’t make it today and we needed to find a novel method to store member details, Ajay volunteered to do this. I also had to handover membership fees from a few new members to the treasurer, that is Ajay. That made us discuss the future of LUGM as a growing community in Mauritius. We exchanged a few words about MITIA (Mauritius IT Industry Association) and the upcoming ProIT 2014 Conference.


Don’t know if it was shooting against sunlight or the rainy weather that got me dark pictures.


Next we had a lengthy discussion about LUGM website revamp. Ajay proposed having a team assigned with different roles, such as webmaster, maintainer/developer, content writers & editors. Everyone pretty much agreed on this. Initially I didn’t want to be in the web team as I rather wanted to direct resources to the Magazine idea. As it happens though, magazines look like an old-fashioned artifact. I changed my mind and joined the web team. Nayar and Nitin volunteered as well. In fact, Nayar also volunteered to put some energy into reviving the LUGM forum as he has some experience writing plugins for MyBB.

While the discussion was still ON, Nitin & Luffy helped Jagveer load Kali Linux onto his laptop. The new recruit was happy.

Ajay tossed the topic on communication channels. The LUGM mailing list looks like an obsolete tool for communication. I agreed as most of the emails go unanswered or might get a response only weeks after. We discussed on the possibility of automatically posting announcements to various social network channels. As of today we have a Facebook group, a Google plus account and a Youtube channel. We intend to set up Twitter and Linkedin accounts and interconnect them.

We also discussed about revenue possibilities through the LUGM website. Ajay showed us the traffic stats of LUGM website. Our jaws dropped!! Nayar & I, simply couldn’t believe those stats. They’re some great revenue potential for the association and the website revamp could make all this happen naturally. Ronny joined the discussion through Skype and shared his views regarding the website revamp.


Lastly, I opened discussion about Ubuntu Mauritius. I explained how it came to my mind putting energy in the Ubuntu Mauritius group which exists since 2011. I’m spending much time working on Ubuntu and CAE Linux (based on Ubuntu 12.04) these days. It makes it easier for me advocating the same and answer questions that are directed towards the project. I could thus help other Ubuntu users & enthusiasts guiding them into bug reporting and doing advocacy on their end. Nayar already has a project that could end up being the first package under ubuntu-mu PPA.


Meetup ended around 15h30 on a happy note with quite a huge list of tasks ahead.

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