White House goes Open Source


Whitehouse.gov is now powered by Drupal, an Open Source Software.

Interestingly, the Department of Defense of the USA has released a memo where it is said that “it is required to conduct market research… [and] include OSS [in the research] when it may meet mission needs.”

It’s official. World Domination is coming.

3 thoughts on “White House goes Open Source

  1. Selven

    It is a nice move, but i do have some doubts as to whether this should be drupal there… for i believe for whitehouse and stuffs where security is something needed… something much more custom should have been used.. don’t get me wrong, i know that security through obfuscation doesn’t work.. but i also do believe that drupal isn’t mature enough and that they should have forked a version of drupal instead and heavily test it out for years before using it… ohh well.. that’s just my opinion..


  2. avinash Post author

    I suppose Obama’s IT guys and girls evaluated a lot of solutions (including proprietary ones) before settling on Drupal. I guess they found that Drupal is secure enough.


    Well it would be great to get open sources but the fact still remains if it would be a reliable information. Or falsified information that another part would make money out of it.

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