Lugm meeting November 2009

Dear member, please note that this week we shall be having our monthly
meeting on this saturday, the 7th.

Time : 10hr00

location: Linkbynet, 2nd Floor BG court, St jean, Quatres Bornes

Map for your convenience :

Agenda : Registration done, now what?

We hope to have your presence on this event.

Until further notice, shaan shall be doing a presentation this week
[unless sometihng comes up]. Please stay tuned for updates.

Please confirm your presence via mailing list [[email protected]] or
post a comment on the blog entry.

Meeting shall be postponed in case there’s less than 5 confirmations.



Secretary of the LUG

5 thoughts on “Lugm meeting November 2009

  1. Jean-Paul

    Might have a look someday since I was wondering if there were many linux users in Mauritius since, at my end, all my effort trying to convert my windows-users friends summed up to an epic fail.

  2. 0x1337

    Will b present 🙂

    Presentation will be on:
    “DTT Receiver” 🙂 +s
    Technical presentation, explaining how MyT Channels work.

    C ya there!

  3. Mike


    I will be at the meeting tomorrow. Have tried to email twice but the list does not acknowledge my application as it keeps returning my email claiming I need to register.

    If there is no meeting, please let me know on 717-1887 as I am coming from Grande Baai.


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