Recovering GlusterFS password

recover or reset gluster password

Well, drinking too much is bad, you shouldn’t. I recently had a gfs installation which  i have changed the default password, password which i happenned to have forgotten.

Since there was no forgot password option, i decided to look around if  there was anybody who ever bumped into this, couldn’t seem to find anything [ph33r my leet googling skills :p].

Anyways, after searching and searching i realized i would be better off following the code. I had no clue where they had it, but thankfully, i was able to boot the gluster machine into single user mode [ am not going into the boring details ]

once inside, type this:

cat /GLUSTER/webagent.auth

ofcourse you can use vi or nano or whatever text editors they have there, the password is stored in clear text.

I guess this should save someone some times, since i lost like 15 minutes looking through the codes  through which way was it doing authentication since it kept referencing functions from this or that file. I had to go through /var/www/html/modules/login/index.php, /var/www/html/classes/user-authentication.class.php,  /var/www/html/modules/setting/change-password.php to finally get a clue to where it was storing the password.

Hope it helps.


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2 thoughts on “Recovering GlusterFS password

  1. bryanb@vacances thalasso

    Makes me remember the SUSE distro I got and which did not finish its install process, so I did not get the opportunity to set a password. The solution was: wait till you get to the boot: prompt. Type linux single. press enter. Set a password using the passwd command. You can use that to break into most linux boxen if you have physical access.

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