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BCP38 and Orange (Part II)

More gruelling tests

Yesterday, I was sitting behind a Linux-based modem. This time, I hooked my MAC OS X machine directly to the modem, and used the PPPoE client on the MAC to get a public IPv4 address. This has the advantage of eliminating any address rewriting by the Linux-based router.

Refresher: What is BCP-38 ?

BCP-38 is a recommended Internet Standard that essentially aims at eliminating Source Address Spoofing. This has been the cause of a lot of trouble lately on the Internet. A few days ago, A massive DDOS attack was launched againt the DNS infrastructure of the Internet. Had BCP-38 been implemented all over the world, we would see less of those attacks. Those attacks are crippling to the Internet, as almost any service (facebook, twitter, instagram) relies on DNS to work so that users can reach them.

Orange and BCP-38

Running spoofer for MAC again:
>> CAIDA IP Spoofing Tester v0.8d
>> Copyright 2015 The Regents of the University of California
>> Copyright 2004-2009 Rob Beverly

The results

After running the test for a while, It gives you a URL which gives you a summary. Quoting from my URL :
Test run at: 2015-12-15 01:54:43
Test from:
Test OS: OSX
Sourced Probes: 93
Can spoof private address no
Can spoof routable address no
Largest neighbor prefix that can be spoofed none


Surprisingly, Orange(Mauritius) implements a fairly complete BCP-38. It is not possible to spoof a number of IP addresses from within the Orange network. Orange deserves some praise for their level of BCP-38 :) As for other ISPs such as Emtel and Bharat, we are currently looking at testing their BCP-38 compliance level.