LUG Meeting Saturday 04/07/09 Confirmed

Dear Members & non members,

You are invited for our monthly lug meeting this saturday the 4th of july 2009 (04/07/09).

  • Time: 10:00 AM Maurtian time
  • Location: Linkbynet, 2nd Floor BG court, St jean, Quatres Bornes
  • Technical presentation to be done by: Dr. Stefan Brandle, Lecturer at the university of Mauritius.
  • Topic of presentation: The Future of Computers in Education
  • Map:
map to lugm

map to lugm

Please confirm your presence. Last date for cancelation of the meeting is thursday 02/07/09 at 23hr59.

Geeks, nerds, non geeks, non nerds, humans, non humans whatever you are, if you are interested in anything opensource or *nix, you may wish to just try a lug meeting once.

ps. You don’t need to be a linux/unix guru to attend.

lug meetings are usually fun!



Secretary of the LUG

4 thoughts on “LUG Meeting Saturday 04/07/09 Confirmed

  1. dominique

    Je vais inviter des gens …
    Car le sujet est intéressent même pour des non-Linux.

  2. dominique

    Merci à Stefen Brandle pour cette présentation !

    Comment l’informatique peut aider à mieux programmer.
    Que ce soit, dans le milieu éducatif pour découvrir et apprendre ou bien dans le milieu professionnel pour que les codes soient les meilleurs possibles.

    Toutes les autres informations ici:

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