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IRC Meeting on Saturday

An IRC meeting is scheduled on 18th of June at 11:00 am

The channel is on As usual it’s Open to the public. We will be discussing the upcoming Free & Open Source Conference help on the 22nd of this month at UoM.



lugm meeting 23/01/10 [POSTPONED TO THE 6 OF FEBRUARY]

Dear member,

please note that this week we shall be having our monthly meeting on this saturday, the 23rd.

My sincere apologies this is quite short notice, i have been busy and had to confirm with the president :p

  • Time: 10hr30
  • location: Linkbynet, 2nd Floor BG court, St jean, Quatres Bornes
  • Map for your convenience :
  • Presentation: This week there shall be a presentation by mahen who will talk about how we can advocate the use of opensource software. However, due to unforseen circumstances, Mahen had no choice but to postpone his presentation. The presentation will be: Balancing security and performance on servers.
  • Agenda : Discussion about paper work, plan for this year

We hope to have your presence on this event. Please confirm your presence via mailing list [discuss (AT)] or post a comment on the blog entry.

Cheers +selven

Secretary of the LUG

Technical presentations for year 2009

We have uploaded the presentations of year 2009.

April Meeting: high performance web server (Logan)

July Meeting: The Future of Computers in Education (Dr Stefan Brandle) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

August Meeting: Wireless Security (Logan)

October Meeting: Silent and cheap firewall (Logan)

Novermber Meeting: DTT Receiver (Shaan) — Link not available

December Meeting: Shell Scripting Tips (logan)

Other presentations will be uploaded as soon as possible,

please be patient.

Also, bear in mind that the PDF files contain very basic

information. A lot more is discussed during the meetings.

In other words, attending meetings brings a lot more !



Lugm Meeting 3rd October 2009

Please note that the meeting for tommorrow the 26th of september has been postponed to next Saturday the 3rd of October 2009.

Time : 10hr00

location: Linkbynet, 2nd Floor BG court, St jean, Quatres Bornes

Map for your convenience

Agenda is : Registration 🙂 we are finally registerred!

Please note that we might probably hold a small party together to celebrate it :).

We hope to have your presence on this event, you better not miss that out.

Logan will be doing a presentation entitled “A cheap and silent firewall”.



Secretary of the LUG

LUG Meeting Saturday 04/07/09 Confirmed

Dear Members & non members,

You are invited for our monthly lug meeting this saturday the 4th of july 2009 (04/07/09).

  • Time: 10:00 AM Maurtian time
  • Location: Linkbynet, 2nd Floor BG court, St jean, Quatres Bornes
  • Technical presentation to be done by: Dr. Stefan Brandle, Lecturer at the university of Mauritius.
  • Topic of presentation: The Future of Computers in Education
  • Map:
map to lugm

map to lugm

Please confirm your presence. Last date for cancelation of the meeting is thursday 02/07/09 at 23hr59.

Geeks, nerds, non geeks, non nerds, humans, non humans whatever you are, if you are interested in anything opensource or *nix, you may wish to just try a lug meeting once.

ps. You don’t need to be a linux/unix guru to attend.

lug meetings are usually fun!



Secretary of the LUG

Our July meeting


The next LUGM meeting will take place at the usual venue on 4 July 2009 at 10:00. A tentative agenda is:

  • Status of registration of the association
  • Status of the development and deployment of the new website
  • Involvement in the Fedora Electronic Lab distribution (made by a Mauritian, Chitlesh Goorah!)
  • AOB

The meeting will be followed by a technical presentation (the exact topic will be confirmed in a few days) and we’ll have lunch together afterwards.

Everyone is invited!