LUGM meeting 19th December 09

Dear member, please note that this week we shall be having our monthly
meeting on this saturday, the 19th.

My sincere apologies this is quite short notice, i have been busy and
hence was unable to send
a notification earlier.. If there’s less than 5 confirmations by
friday 11AM, the meeting shall be postponed.

Time : 10hr00

location: Linkbynet, 2nd Floor BG court, St jean, Quatres Bornes

Map for your convenience :

Agenda : Discussion about paper work

We hope to have your presence on this event.

Until further notice, logan shall be doing this months technical presentation.
(damned he should be given free food for always having a presentation
at any time!)

Please confirm your presence via mailing list [[email protected]] or
post a comment on the blog entry.



Secretary of the LUG

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