Technical presentations for year 2009

We have uploaded the presentations of year 2009.

April Meeting: high performance web server (Logan)

July Meeting: The Future of Computers in Education (Dr Stefan Brandle) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

August Meeting: Wireless Security (Logan)

October Meeting: Silent and cheap firewall (Logan)

Novermber Meeting: DTT Receiver (Shaan) — Link not available

December Meeting: Shell Scripting Tips (logan)

Other presentations will be uploaded as soon as possible,

please be patient.

Also, bear in mind that the PDF files contain very basic

information. A lot more is discussed during the meetings.

In other words, attending meetings brings a lot more !



1 thought on “Technical presentations for year 2009

  1. Mahen

    Just want to inform you that i confirm that i will be doing a presentation on “How to convince people to use Linux” on the next meeting. All the slides are ready

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